The idea for Crossroads Care Attendant Services arose out of a situation depicted in the TV series “Crossroads” in 1972.  One character was disabled by an accident and the effect of this on family and carers was dramatically portrayed.  Many of the viewers identified with the situation and a group of people, including a disabled viewer, got together to set up the first Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme in Rugby in 1973.  The first scheme in Scotland was set up in 1977.

The Lewis scheme started in 1986.  Originally intended for Stornoway and the surrounding district, it serves the whole of Lewis since 1999.

Crossroads Lewis, whilst affiliated to Crossroads Caring Scotland, is an independent charity with its own Board of Management.

Our Palliative Service is funded by the NHS and available for other terminal illnesses in addition to cancer.

We maintain and value positive working relationships with CNES Social Work, NHS Western Isles and local voluntary groups so that, between us all, maximum support is given where it is most needed in the community.


The mission of Crossroads (Lewis) is to provide a high quality service in the community to enable carers to take time off when needed and to support those who live alone and struggle with ill-health or loneliness.


The aims of the scheme as stated in its Memorandum and Articles of Association are:

  • To relieve stress on the persons or families caring for elderly people or people of any age with physical, mental or sensory impairment.
  • To care in exceptional circumstances for those living alone with higher needs.
  • To offer a Palliative Care Service in co-operation with other services.


  • To ensure that the service provided meets the needs of the carer and person with care needs.
  • To offer a flexible service allowing the carer freedom of choice and to maintain their independence as far as possible.
  • To consult with carers and those with care needs about the support they want from Crossroads.
  • To maintain a high standard of recruitment, selection, training, support and supervision for all staff.
  • To ensure the service adheres to the National Care Standards, the SSSC Codes of Practice and Crossroads Caring Scotland policies.
  • To monitor the quality of service through consultation with service users, major funders, those who make referrals, Crossroads Quality Assurance Audit (CROQAS) and inspection by Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland, SCSWS.


  • Crossroads Lewis is committed to treating carers and people with care needs with respect and sensitivity, recognising the dignity and value of each person for whom a service is provided.  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.
  • Carers and people with care needs will be supported in exercising self-determination, making choices and maintaining their independence.
  • Crossroads Lewis is committed to responding to the diversity of needs presented and developing appropriate quality services.  These will be flexible to meet the needs of each carer and each person with care needs.
  • Crossroads (Lewis) is committed to implementing the National Care Standards and the SSSC Codes of Practice.