Crossroads Lewis provides a Care Attendant service throughout the Island of Lewis.

The service is managed by a Manager who organises and reviews the care provided.  She is assisted by an Assistant Manager.

The service is provided to allow carers to have a break from their caring role (also called respite) or to provide care and support to someone living alone.  The cared-for person may be of any age and have any kind of disability or illness or health-related needs.

“Carers” are relatives or friends who provide care or support for someone.  Often this is essential to enable the cared-for person to continue to live at home.  However, for many carers, this can be stressful, and an added burden to their normal responsibilities.  Carers benefit from some respite – a break from caring – that allows them to rest or attend to other matters.  The Care Attendant Service, by substituting for the family carers, gives them a regular short break.

A Care Attendant provides care and support in the service user’s own home.  Generally, most care and support tasks that would otherwise have been done by a family carer can be done by the Care Attendant.  This includes personal care tasks.  It does not include tasks that should be carried out by a nurse or other healthcare professional.
Home visits may be for a short period or for a longer period depending on individual circumstances. Usually home visits are at the same time each week.


Most of our regular work is in our Core Service.  Following referral, the Manager arranges a home visit and makes a Care Assessment and a Risk Assessment.  If Crossroads Lewis can provide a service that meets the needs of the home, a day and time will be agreed for the service to begin. However, because of financial restraints we have to keep to firm criteria in allocating care and sometimes it may not be possible to offer a service.

Sometimes, it may be that another agency would best meet these needs and the home is then offered a referral to that agency.



This service is now funded solely by NHS Western Isles and has broadened to include other terminal illnesses in addition to cancer.

Most referrals for this service come from GPs,Community Nurses and Macmillan.  Crossroads then provides support, often overnight, in end-of-life situations where individuals wish to remain at home.


Health or Social Work may ask us to do home-based respite (varying in length from some hours to several days) in specific situations.

This is by spot-purchase and has to be with the agreement of either Health Board or Social Work.



We have secured funding to offer our Short Breaks service through until end of October 2015.  This service is free and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and gives priority to those unable to take advantage of statutory residential respite.  Breaks can be for up to 3 nights/4 days, allowing a carer respite.  Our Care Attendants would be present in your home, giving 24 hour care for the whole time of your short break, providing waking and sleep-in support as needed.

The fund is there to improve the wellbeing of carers, and to better support them to sustain their role.  It also enables carers to have more opportunities to enjoy a life outside of their caring role.



This new service will run 2013/14/15 and has been funded by the Change Fund.  It will provide free overnight support to those suffering from disrupted sleep as a result of their caring duties.  If you, or the person you care for, are aged sixty or over and you feel you would benefit from a break during the night, please contact Crossroads Lewis on 01851 705422.  This service will be offered on a six-weekly reviewed basis.  A Care Attendant will be on waking duty during the night for a continuous ten hour period, providing assistance to the service user as required.  For an information leaflet, or to make a referral for this service, please contact the office.

Our Good Night’s Sleep Service has been made possible by the Change Fund.




Self-directed support is a way of providing service users and carers with a choice of support, where and when they want it.  Our local authority (Comhairle nan Eilean Siar) has a duty by law, from April 2014, to inform you about Self-Directed support.  CNES will then assess you and inform you whether you are eligible for support.

A Direct Payment is when the council has decided how much money you can spend on your support, and you can then arrange your own support, employ private care staff, or use your money to purchase support from an organisation, like Crossroads Lewis.

Crossroads Lewis can provide Direct Payment support for those eligible for Carer Respite only, as of August 2014.  Choosing an organisation like Crossroads Lewis to provide your care, means all our staff are PVG checked, fully-trained, and you would not have to worry about organising pay and becoming an ’employer’ yourself.  We simply invoice every four weeks for the number of support hours you have received, and you can then send payment by cheque.