• The parent body in Scotland is Crossroads Caring Scotland.
  • Crossroads Lewis is affiliated to this body but is an independent charity, responsible for its own governance and funding.
  • A Board of Management governs the scheme, made up of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience, including Health Services, Social Work, legal, voluntary sector, financial, as well as Carer and Care Attendant representatives.
  • Meetings are held at least 5 times a year, with the AGM open to the public.
  • Day to day activities are carried out by a Manager and Assistant Manager.
  • We have a Fundraising Officer who raises the profile of the charity both locally and nationally.
  • Office hours are flexible to meet the needs of the service.
  • Being affiliated to Crossroads Caring Scotland, their policies, etc are available to us – they are adopted or adapted as appropriate.
  • Local policies suited to the local situation are developed as required.
  • Care is delivered to service users by a staff of trained and paid Care Attendants.
  • The service is normally delivered in the service user’s home, but may involve taking the service user out.


  • In addition to the requirements of our wide range of Policies and Codes, Crossroads Lewis is committed to the National Care Standards and Scottish Social Service Council Codes of Conduct.
  • The quality of service is monitored by regular consultation with service users, professionals who make referrals and major funders.
  • We are audited regularly through the Crossroads Quality Assurance System (CROQAS).
  • We have been inspected annually by the Care Commission achieving the highest grade of 6 – Excellent, in all areas inspected over recent years.  Inspection reports are available on their website.
  • As from April 2011, regulation of care and inspection will be done by the new organisation, Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS).


  • Most of our Core Service funding comes through a Service Level Agreement with the Community Health and Social Care Partnership, CHaSCP, with additional Palliative funding from NHS Western Isles.
  • Individuals and families often give donations.
  • Local organisations have fundraising events for us.
  • We regularly organise fundraising events ourselves.
  • We source other funding bodies or apply to advertised funding e.g. the RBS Community Force Fund in September 2011.
  • All money raised or donated, whatever the amount, is appreciated and valued.  It is all used to provide more care within Lewis.
  • We can claim Gift Aid on individual donations providing the person is a tax payer and completes a Gift Aid form – available from the office.